We teach Spanish because we love languages and other cultures. We have traveled throughout Latin America and Spain looking for our roots and now we want to share them with you.

We met eight years ago in a creative writing course in Madrid. Then Emmanuel moved to Valencia, Fernando to Mexico, and from the distance, we started giving literary courses and Spanish classes online.


By mid-2020 we decided to unite forces with one goal: create a simple, entertaining and useful Spanish teaching method!

We want to spread not only the Spanish language but also the Spanish-American culture that we belong to.

We enjoy being able to work from home, coworking space, or cafeteria while connecting with students from different parts of the planet. We have students from: Poland, Latvia, Denmark, England, Ireland, Jordan, India, the US, Italy, France, Scotland, Switzerland, and so many others!


I am Emmanuel Marzia Donadío, I am Italian-Argentinean and I was born in 1986 in Buenos Aires. I am a digital nomad based between Madrid and Trieste who studied creative writing. I wrote the novels: “Madreselva”, “Al Sur del Polonio” and “Terrazas”. Since 2014, I have been teaching Spanish and traveling around Europe. I’m a certified drama teacher and a professional translator (Spanish/Italian/English). I am passionate about traveling, being in contact with nature, and meeting people from different cultures.

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I am Fernando Balcaneras and I was born in 1986. I traveled and lived in many countries (Argentina, Spain, Mexico, and Colombia). I passionately studied several artistic disciplines: theater, music, and literary writing. I also studied Sociology and dedicated myself professionally to acting and Hip hop music. I am certified in Grammar for Beginners (Cervantes Institute) and in Pedagogical Grammar for Spanish teachers in Elebaires (UCA).

I have always been in love with language and knowledge transmission. Teaching Spanish has become an art for me. I'd say the one I enjoy the most!

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