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From Rosetta Stone to Duolingo, there are a lot of methods for Spanish learning out there, but if you’ve tried them before you know they can only get you so far. To truly learn the Spanish language, and be a confident speaker, you need one-on-one attention from experienced teachers.

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¡Hola! Our names are Emmanuel and Fernando, two native Spanish teachers who have traveled the world teaching our language and sharing our spicy latin culture. Together we have created a clear step-by-step program to swiftly teach you real-world Spanish. Because “¿Dónde está la biblioteca?”, can only get you so far. 

We’ve created 3 different programs to fit your needs:


Individual or Group Classes:  hour long classes based on our step-by-step learning plan. Best for beginners and intermediate learners.

Conversation Classes: hour long conversation classes on various topics to increase your grammar and vocabulary. Best for higher intermediate and advanced learners.

Spanish Intensive Course:  21 days, 15 classes, loads of spanish. This intensive course is designed for beginners who are ready to jump start their Spanish learning fast!

We speak in English and Italian.​


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Are you traveling to Spain or Latin America, but you don't know how to say “I want a beer” or “where is the beach?".

This intensive course will allow you to have basic notions so that you can navigate a conversation without problems.


We will work with interactive exercises so that you learn in an entertaining way, with group dynamics and most importantly, you will speak Spanish from the first class.

I'm going to pop up real quick and say that Emmanuel is currently my teacher, and he's pretty freaking awesome. I actually look forward to our classes and we talk about so many things, that the hour flies by. Highly recommended.

Kephra Alejandro White (USA)


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