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Are you living in a Spanish-speaking country or planning to?

We can help!

We offer you online high-quality Spanish classes to improve your Spanish easily. Wanna see how we can help you? Click below and reserve your spot for the next class now!

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Story Time



Relocating is a big decision that demands a lot of consideration. It is considered one of the most stressful things in life, and for a good reason, it takes you out of your comfort zone: your house. We know that, we´ve been there too and we can help you. 

Maybe you already live long ago in a Spanish-speaking country but you are still not being able to be fluent in Spanish. Maybe you´ve been doing Duolingo for months but you are can´t handle a basic conversation in Spanish.

Many people think that Spanish is hard. That´s not true if you learn it step by step. We´ll teach you grammar and vocabulary, for sure, but especially real-world Spanish, the one that you´ll need.  We´ll practice real-life situations in a stress-free environment because our classes are a gym in which we´ll train you for real life.


 All the lessons will be adapted to your needs and are personalized to help you achieve your goals.  We are specialized in teaching Spanish from Spain, Mexico and Argentina

You´´ll speak Spanish since the first class!                                              

Personal Intensive course

Online classes

One on One lessons or In Pairs


Spanish for beginners in 21 days

One on One lessons or In Pairs

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One on One lessons or In Pairs


We are Emmanuel and Fernando, two certified native Spanish teachers who have come together to give you the best Spanish class of all!


We have traveled the world teaching our language and sharing our culture. We are thrilled about knowledge, art, and learning something new every day. We are teachers because we love so much our language and we have a love and a passion for our work.


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