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One-to-one Spanish classes

90 days can change your life. Whether you're looking to build up your body, learn a new skill, or a new language.

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¡Hola! We are Emmanuel and Fernando, two certified native Spanish teachers who have traveled the world teaching our language and sharing our Latin culture. 

We are crazy about knowledge, traveling, and learning something new every day. We are specialized in teaching all styles of Spanish as a foreign language, from one-to-one to in-pairs classes.  

Together we have created a clear step-by-step program to swiftly teach you real-world Spanish. All the lessons are adapted to your needs and are personalized to help you achieve your goals in 3 months. 

This is how we work: first, you start with a free lesson, so we get to know each other and we show you our method. After that you choose your plan and we start building up! We are open to customizing your learning experience and, chillax, we are very patient teachers.

We’ve created 3 different programs that are the best way to learn Spanish:


 1) Online classes: 

  60 min long classes based on our step-by-step learning plan. Best for beginners and intermediate learners.                 

One-to-one or In pairs 

 2) Conversation classes: 

   60 min long conversation classes on various topics to increase your grammar and vocabulary. Best for higher intermediate and advanced learners.

One-to-one or In pairs  

 3) Spanish Intensive course:  

   21 days, 15 classes, loads of Spanish. This intensive course is designed for beginners who are ready to jump-start their Spanish learning fast!

One-to-one or In pairs  

With access to any of these study programs, you´ll get 2 bonuses:

BONUS # 1 - CONVERSATION ZOOM for all levels every 15 days with school STUDENTS and TEACHERS.


BONUS # 2 - JOIN our EXCLUSIVE WHATSAPP GROUP where we upload Spanish content every day and you can ask questions or chat with all the other students of the school. 

​We speak in English and Italian.​


Give us a try!​

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Are you traveling to Spain or Latin America, but you don't know how to say “I want a beer” or “where is the beach?".

This intensive course will allow you to have basic notions to navigate conversations without hassle.


We will work with interactive exercises so that you learn in an entertaining way and most importantly, you will speak Spanish from the first class.

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